Steps to Effectively Protect Yourself Against Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s is a horrific disease with no cure, yet there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of developing it. While there is no direct cure for Alzheimer’s, it is thought that by living a lifestyle that promotes brain health we can reduce associated risks and possibly delay the onset of the disease.

Even if developing Alzheimer’s isn’t something of great concern, improving your brain power and keeping your mind as healthy as possible throughout your life is certainly worthwhile, and the fact it can directly help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s is just an added bonus!

Here are some truly simple steps you can take to lower your chance for Alzheimer’s:

Improve Heart Health

Having a healthy heart can directly combat health problems associated with Alzheimer’s, as there is a proven link between cardiovascular disease and an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Not only that, but the risk of developing other diseases such as heart attack and stroke can be reduced when improving heart health.

Therefore, any improvements made to your heart can also translate into healthier brain and memory. The following steps can be taken to improve heart health:


Not only can regular exercise help promote heart and brain health, it is also the best way to maintain the well-being of your whole body and all its organs. This is primarily due to the increased blood flow achieved through exercising, which helps the brain to get more nutrients and boost the production levels of healthy new brain cells while slowing their aging.

A great step to try is taking part in physical exercise that also stimulates the mind, as the combination of physical and mental stimulation can help lower the risks. Social activities also work in a similar manner, making the following activities worthwhile:

  • Walking (or any other cardio)
  • Group sports
  • Tennis
  • Swimming

Besides an active lifestyle, you can also supplement your efforts by taking a nutritional supplement for the brain. Take a look at to find out which herbs and vitamins are helpful for improving brain health and memory for old and young people alike.

Mental Stimulation

Research suggests lower risk of Alzheimer’s among those who remain mentally, physically and socially active as they can throughout their lives. Additionally, maintaining different hobbies and interests can also help with this, so be sure to remain mentally stimulated along with keeping on top of your physical health!

Activities such as reading, creative writing, learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, and embarking on an adult education course are just a few examples of mental stimulation that can help combat the risks of mental disease and cognitive decline as you get older.

Stay Social

Various studies confirmed that a strong social life can result in many positive effects on mental health and function as one ages. So, it’s recommended that you not only stay physically fit and mentally sharp, but also socially connected. This is because doing so can help fight off risks of cognitive decline and associated diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, although why this is the case remains unclear.

It is thought that it may be because social and mental stimulation can strengthen the connections shared between nerve cells present in the brain, and promote the creation of new connections. Anyway, socializing with friends and family is a positive habit in many ways.

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